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MGMT Fee $110 per Month - Leasing Fee $495.00

MGMT Fee $110 per Month - Leasing Fee $495.00

What are the Fees Associated with Property Management?

What are your Fees?

When choosing the right property manager, it’s always very important to know what their fees are.  At Real Property Management we make this simple.  We have 3 packages to choose form.  You pick which ever one works best for you.

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My Typical Day in Property Management

What is a Property Managers Typical Day is Like:

If you don’t make a small list of items that you can complete each day, you will get overwhelmed.  Lots of books I’ve read say there is something about crossing items off a list.  These small wins are what you need to succeed in Property Management.

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How does the leasing process work?

Everything from Advertising to showings is explained HERE.