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MGMT Fee $110 per Month - Leasing Fee $495.00

MGMT Fee $110 per Month - Leasing Fee $495.00

Landlord-Tenant Laws

Open Landlord-Tenant Lawbook on a Desk
The landlord-tenant relationship is a very unique one. Your tenant may have responsibilities that they are legally contracted to fulfill, [...] Read more

Investment Property Buying 101

Happy Couple with Woman Holding Keys
If you’ve been looking for a stable, long-term investment in Baltimore City, residential rental homes might be the investment you’ve [...] Read more

How to Organize Your Pantry

Organized Pantry with Food Items Stored in Glass Containers
Keeping an organized pantry in your Baltimore City rental home can be exhausting. It's key for you to determine where [...] Read more

3 Tenant Retention Ideas

Keeping your tenant happy is key to the success of any rental. Think of your renters as an unofficial business […]

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Smelly Tenants

  So What do I do If my Tenant . . . . .Smells?   So, smelly is not good, […]

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Why Renting is So Popular

Renting is becoming more and more popular, especially for millennials, or those between the ages of 18 and 35. Recently, […]

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DIY Landlord

DIY Landlord, is that really the best way? When I bought my first rental over 15 years ago, I was […]

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Love Letter to Realtors

Realtor Love

On February 14th we will be delivering a Love Letter  to Realtors.  All of our Realtor friends in Howard County […]

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Rent Ready and Curb Appeal

Great Looking Home

Real Property Management informative pamphlet answers many of your questions about being a landlord and this very important topic, Rent […]

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Do-it-yourself DIY landlords

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Neighbor Danger: Survey from Real Property Management Reveals DIY Landlords May Put Neighborhoods at Risk DIY Landlords [...] Read more

Curb Appeal Adds Value

Curb appeal is incredibly important when you are looking for the right renter and want to get the most for [...] Read more